Hajj is the annual pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca that involves the performance of religious rituals at various sites in and around the Holy City. It is known as the fifth ‘Pillar’ of Islam and performance is incumbent upon all Muslims, male and female, at least once in a lifetime, providing they are mentally and physically able as well as financially secure. Click here for more information

Umrah consists of the performance of a set of devotional rituals in Mecca, which form an integral part of Hajj. Umrah may be performed at any other time of the year and as many times as one wishes in their lifetime. For that reason it is sometimes affectionately referred to as the ‘mini Hajj’ and Ramadan is a particularly popular time for people to perform Umrah. Click here for more information

When thinking about going on Hajj you need to consider the following pre-conditions and ensure you can fulfill these before confirming your intention to go. Click here for information

Choosing a travel agent and booking your Hajj travel will be one of the most important decisions you make and will have a major impact on your Hajj experience. Click here for information

You can find the latest list of Operators by clicking here - please note this does not include any sub-contractors or those operating under alternative trading names. Please check with your operator for details of whom they are registered with, IF they are not listed on this approved Ministry listing.

Practical tips are listed here on packing and clothing for Hajj or Umrah.

Practical tips are listed here on Travel and Accommodation for Hajj or Umrah - although this would ordinarily be outlined by your Tour Operator.

The required vaccinations are listed here - consult your GP as necessary if you have any health conditions or visit theHealth and Safety section.

Contact numbers for emergency services in Saudi Arabia: Ambulance: 997 / Police: 911

  1. Your tour operator can be your first port of call in an emergency too depending on your location and the severity of the incident.

There are medical facilities for pilgrims at the Great Mosque in Mecca if pilgrims require medical assistance. Clinics have a white sign with a red crescent and can be found at the following locations (however check with your Operator in advance):

  1.             Bab Ajyad: Door number 5.
  2.             Bab Abdul Aziz: Door number 1.
  3.             Bab Fatah: Door number 45.

While many Hajj travel operators provide a good service, there is an element which is disorganised, non-professional and in some cases fraudulent. Please click here for Hajj Fraud information

Naturally the first point of call is the Operator, however if you wish to escalte to Trading Standards click here for further information and advice.

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We have a dedicated section for Operators listed here.

You should contact the Ministry of Hajj to establish the reasons why you are not listed.

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