Preparing for Hajj

Preparing for Hajj

When thinking about going on Hajj you need to consider the following pre-conditions and ensure you can fulfill these before confirming your intention to go.

  • Do you fully understand the purpose of Hajj and what it involves?

    You must make sure that before deciding to go on Hajj, you fully understand its importance, what it involves and how it is supposed to impact upon your life. Do this by reading about Hajj, speaking to learned people, attending lectures, and speaking to friends and family who have performed Hajj recently. Due to developments over the last twenty years, people who have been recently will be able to give you much more up-to-date information than those who went some time ago.

  • Do you have the funds to pay for your Hajj travel, vaccination, accommodation, food and other incidental costs? 

When undertaking your own Hajj you must have the funds for this from your own savings and not borrow money to go. Monies must have been obtained through legitimate (halal) means.
    Do you have any debts? If you have any significant debts, your priority should be to pay these debts first before using your money to pay for your Hajj. And you should make sure that there is enough money for your family to be financially supported whilst you are at Hajj.

  • Are you in good physical and mental health?

Hajj is physically and mentally demanding and carrying out the rituals in very crowded and hot conditions can be very hard. Although there are provisions for people who are not very physically able such as use of wheelchairs, you do need to be able to cope in an environment that you are not probably ordinarily used to. You may need to check with your doctor if you have any health conditions that might make performing Hajj impractical for you.


Performing Hajj is not about pleasing others, or trying to impress. It must be purely for the intention to please Allah (swt)


Before embarking upon Hajj you must seek to resolve any differences and forgiveness from others you may have hurt in the past.