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MyHajj steps - using this website

Thank you for visiting MyHajj.org.uk - we hope very much that the information contained is useful to you in preparing to embark upon Hajj or Umrah. Please feel free to navigate directly via the home page icons, the conventional menu at the top of the page or follow the simple steps below as an aide memoirej:

If you have any additional resources which you feel may be of benefit to visitors of the website please get in touch, contact us.


  • What is Hajj? What are the steps for Hajj?

    Click here for information about Hajj and the Steps

  • What is Umrah? What are the steps for Umrah?

    Click here for information about Umrah and the Steps

  • Preparing for Hajj

    Information about preparing for Hajj, the intention and more

  • Choosing an Operator

    Steps to follow when choosing an Operator. List of Operators (simple A-Z, list by Region in the UK)

  • Clothing and Packing for Hajj or Umrah

    Practical advice on packing for Pilgrims

  • Travel & Accommodation

    Advice on Travel and Accommodation - note the key points will be handled by your Operator

  • Health & Safety

    Advice on health and safety essentials for Pilgrims, including additional notes by a Pilgrim.

  • Vaccinations

    Continuation of the Health and Safety - advisory on Vaccinations

  • Reporting Fraud or Trading Standards

    In the unfortunate instance of things going not as planned, ie. subject to Hajj Fraud or expectations were not met from a trading standards perspective, guidance is presented on Hajj Fraud or Trading Standards.